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“I am invigorated after hearing fellow physicians who have successfully established multiple streams of passive income.”
- Dr. Girish Hiremath, Summit Attendee in 2020

Check Out the Highlights from our Last Summit

  • How to start a successful business with the limited time and resources of a physician
  • Different ways you can generate income as a physician outside your clinical career
  • Build new relationships in a world-class network of like-minded physicians
  • Discover how to leverage your medical degree for new opportunities
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If You’ve Ever Been Curious About Effective Ways to Take Command of Your Medical Career & Life...

Then This will Likely Be the Most Important Event You’ll Ever Experience!

If You’ve Ever Thought to Yourself:

➤ “Medicine isn’t as secure as I thought it’d be…”

➤ “I don’t want to be just a doctor…”

➤ “How can I leverage what I know for more income?”

➤ “I wonder what other physicians are doing to create income outside of medicine?”

➤ “I need a side hustle or side gig… but how would I manage that with my existing schedule?”

You Are Not Alone — Welcome To The Movement!

Unfortunately, the last couple years revealed what many of us didn’t want to admit: Job security in medicine is a myth...

Don’t wait: Find out how to take back control & secure your family’s future...

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Catch More Of The Same Excitement From Last Year’s Event

“The L&G summit was powerful beyond measure. I am so thankful for Peter and all the amazing speakers. If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, then this new community is my new tribe!”

- Valerie Cote, MD

“The summit really helped reassure me I am not alone... it was helpful to know others have felt the same way about wanting to give more and not limiting their ideas to traditional medicine.”

- Brooke Jeffy MD

“This summit was more than I expected. It was so inspiring to see other doctors who are just like me taking control of their lives and financial situations. I have been feeling so stuck and feeling like I am the only one. However, after watching these amazing talks by so many doctors, it makes me realize that so many different things and different career paths are possible and can be achieved. Thank you!!”

- Rosalyn Morrell, MD

“This summit provided me with a group of physicians who are dedicated to personal growth and fulfillment in their medical careers. It was so refreshing to hear from physicians who have created their dream careers & lives, and who have done it unapologetically. It gives me permission to do the same!”

- Kristin Yates, DO

What started as a small blog to share my personal journey of financial freedom soon turned into a huge movement of physicians from all across the world.

Passive Income M.D. now attracts tens of thousands of monthly website visitors who are interested in pursuing a life of personal growth and fulfillment.

I’m proud to say we’ve shown thousands of doctors how to practice medicine on their own terms & take control of their financial situation.

And when you join us for the 2022 Leverage & Growth Virtual Summit, you’re going to get the #1 thing that made the difference in my own entrepreneurial efforts: Mentorship from experts.

So whether you’re looking to take your first step… or your final step... toward your goals...

This event is an incredible opportunity to connect with a supportive community of doctors & to get inspired to reach your potential in 2022 and beyond.

This could be the moment that changes everything for you.

I’ll see you on the inside!

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Health + Wealth:

Hear From Our Expert Speakers

Includes Recorded Sessions of All Live Speakers - This isn’t just about great ideas...It’s about getting actionable tactics from doctors who have “been there and done that.”

Avoid doing it the hard way... Don’t spend hours and hours trying to figure out things on your own...

Do it the easy way: Hear from experts who will show you exactly how to unleash your potential to make things happen, FAST.

Dr. Dahle is the founder of The White Coat Investor and author of multiple books including the best seller, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing. He is a board-certified emergency physician who helps those in white coats get a “fair shake” on Wall Street.

Dr. Sabry is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG), and super mom of five. She offers high performance coaching to professional women in male-dominated professions.

Dr. Marshall is the co-founder of an innovative lending platform designed “by physicians for physicians” called Doc2Doc Lending. He also works as the Chief Medical Officer of Regenerative Spine & Pain Specialists in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. "Una" — as she is fondly called by her patients and colleagues — is the CEO of Ivy League Pediatrics. She is also the founder of EntreMD & host of the EntreMD Podcast. She helps physicians build profitable businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

Dr. Smith is the Founder and CEO of the multimillion dollar coaching company, Empowering Women Physicians, putting her in the top 2% of female entrepreneurs in the country. She and her team of physician coaches offer life & business coaching for doctors who want to finally enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to create.

Bonnie Koo is certified life coach, physician and founder of Wealthy Mom MD. Her mission is to help women create wealth and rewrite history. She is the host of the Wealthy Mom MD Podcast and author of Defining Wealth for Women: (n.) Peace, Purpose, and Plenty of Cash!

Plus So Many More Talks That Explore New Opportunities In:

Real Estate
Online Brands
Social Media
Brand Partnerships
Venture Capital
Product Creation

Join A REAL Community Of Like-Minded, Action-Taking Doctors

These days, it seems like anyone can throw a social media group together and call it a
“community” — but we really mean it.

When you join us for the summit, you’re tapping into a network of doctors who understand your
challenges & care about your long-term success.

This Is What I Have Been Searching For!
How I Created Multiple Disruptive Medical Companies - Dhaval Bhanusali, MD 
How I Created a Plush Toy Company to Educate & Inspire - Ronak Mehta, MD
How Being an Entrepreneur Prepared Me During the Pandemic Crisis - Nneka Unachukwu, MD
How I Went from a Reality Star to a Chief Medical Officer - Will Kirby, DO
How an Injury Led Me to Help Physicians Protect Their Income - Stephanie Pearson, MD
How I Built a Company to Help Physicians with Personal Loans - Zwade Marshall, MD
How I Became Financially Independent and Retired Early - Leif Dahleen, MD
How I Created a 7-Figure Coaching Business to Empower Women Physicians - Sunny Smith, MD
How We Achieved Financial Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Real Estate - Letizia Alto, MD & Kenji Asakura, MD
How I Help Women Find Peace, Purpose, and Plenty of Cash! - Bonnie Koo, MD
How I Went from an Anesthesiologist to a Venture Capitalist - Navin Goyal, MD
How To Create Passive Income Investing in Mineral Rights - Troy Eckhard
How I Became a Physician Life Coach to Help Them Live Life on Their Own Terms - Jimmy Turner, MD
How I Built a Scribe Company to Give Doctors Their Life Back - Jennifer Bacani McKenney, MD
How I Used My Business Background to Help Doctors Create Generational Wealth Through Real Estate - Mith Jegapragasan, MD
How I Create Communities and Coach Doctors Through Mid-Career Crisis - Hala Sabry, DO
How I Created a Massive Real Estate Portfolio and Help Doctors Do the Same - Elaine Stageberg, MD
How I Created Innovative Therapeutic Companies, Emma Taylor, MD
How I Help Doctors Own Their Futures Through Entrepreneurship - John Shufeldt, MD
How I Became an Influencer & Entrepreneur as an Academic Physician - Tiffany Moon, MD
How I Built an Innovative CME Business - Brian Cohen, MD
How a Creative Outlet Became a Business During Covid - Vincent Chan, MD
How I Help Busy Moms & High Achieving Women with ADHD - Lola Day, MD
How I Created a Business By Teaching Physicians About Finance - Jim Dahle, MD
How I Became a Physician Career Strategist - Heather Fork, MD
How I Inspire, Empower, and Bring Joy to Women Physicians in Uniform - Olga Lemberg, MD
How I Left Medicine to Become a Full-Time Speaker - Brad Nieder, MD
How I Created Physician Outlook Magazine and Become a Publisher - Marlene Wüst-Smith, MD
How I Became the Chef Doc and a Leader in Lifestyle Medicine - Colin Zhu, DO
How I Help People Manage Their Metabolic Health - Alexandra Sowa, MD
How I Built and Sold a Company as a Resident - Gregory Hanson, MD
How I Launched Companies to Disrupt How Healthcare is Delivered - Renee Dua, MD
How I Help Physicians Work Overseas - Carmen Brown, MD
How I Became a Real Estate Professional While Still Practicing - Aaron Kaplan, MD
How I Created Courses to Educate Parents - Phil Boucher, MD
How I Became a Fitness Coach for Physicians - Dianah Lake, MD
How I Mine Cryptocurrency to Create Financial Freedom - Buck Parker, MD
How We Created a Premier Spanish Language School - Lindsey Vasquez, MD & Juan Vasquez, MD
How I Built a Med Spa - Mike Woo-Ming, MD

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